To The Trade

Since 1923 when Neon was introduced in the United States, the neon sign has set the standard for signs in brightness and longevity to which no other sign medium can compare, even today.

That's why so any competitors keep claiming " It looks just like neon" but it simply does not look like neon.

ACE NEON FACTORY has been supplying wholesale neon to the trade since 1955 and still is the NUMBER 1 WHOLESALE MANUFACTURER in the tristate area.

Things to look for in a Wholesale Shop

  • Quality workmanship: It is key to the success of your business. We guarantee that all neon will fit exactly to your pattern, be the proper color match and not have weak splices or bends.
  • Fast and prompt deliveries: Time is money, and we agree, so your job will be ready when promised.
  • Reliable: A bad unit or "burnout" can really cut into your profits. We have close to a 0% return rate. Ask about our full proof repair guarantee!
  • Equipment: ACE NEON FACTORY has the latest state of the art processing equipment so that every unit is brought to the proper ultimate vacuum and then backfilled with the right amount of inert gas. This is the only way to insure long life and to avoid premature darkening of the unit.

can handle large production runs

To a truck load

We can even package for you.