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Your sign is what people usually see first that creates an opinion of your business. When your sign is broken or just not working properly, that first good impression is lost. Expert neon sign repair is what you will get when Ace Neon Factory repairs your sign. We can diagnose the problem (FREE), and get your sign working in little time so it looks as good as new. As with our new signs, neon repairs come with our guarantee as well.


Yes, we repair neon beer signs too. Many sign companies do not repair beer signs because of the complex nature involved to do so. Beer neon signs are mass produced without taking into consideration that they may need repair in the future. Many times very thin diameters of glass and hard to get colors are used. We have the experience and color availability to get the job done right.

beer repairs


before results


after results


Ace Neon Factory can install or should we say re-install your neon sign if you have to move your sign from one location to another. Even if your existing sign doesn’t fit the window in your new location, sometimes we can rearrange your sign to make it fit.


Sometimes when your neon sign is not working, it may just be a burned out transformer. We have the equipment to test your sign on site as well as in our shop to see if this is the case. We stock and install all types and sizes of transformers. The introduction of electronic transformers over the past few years can be a viable replacement of your old electromagnetic transformer and save you up to 66% on your energy consumption.


Ace Neon Factory stocks most supplies including: Transformers, GTO wire, Electrode Caps, Electrode short stops, Glass and Polycarbonate tube supports, Transformer boxes, Porcelain wire supports, Copper tie wire, Glass housings and much more. If we don’t have it, we usually can get it the next business day.